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 Diabetes may be a serious, chronic condition. consistent with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), the condition is that the seventh leading explanation for death within the U.S. 

While diabetes itself is manageable, its complications can severely impact on daily living, and a few are often fatal if not treated immediately. Complications of diabetes include: 

1) dental and gum diseases 

2) eye problems and sight loss 

3) foot problems, including numbness, resulting in ulcers and untreated injuries and cuts

4) heart disease 

5) nerve damage, like diabetic neuropathy stroke 

6) kidney disease 

In the case of renal disorder , this complication can cause renal failure , water retention when the body doesn't eliminate water correctly, and an individual experiencing difficulties with bladder control. 

Regularly monitoring blood sugar levels and moderating glucose intake can help people prevent the more damaging complications of type 2 diabetes. 

For those with types 1 diabetes, taking insulin is that the only thanks to moderate and control the consequences of the condition.


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